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Choose a profile Enter a campaign name and select a sender profile which you set a single time only for each of your clients and/or projects.
Load your distribution list
Select the source containing the email addresses (database, Excel file, CRM). This data source is defined once only for each profile. EmailR takes care of the rest!
Send your email
You enter the subject of the email, then either select one of the templates and use the latest-generation publisher provided or load your own HTML composition.

Price & Competitiveness

The cost of ownership of emailR is unquestionably the lowest on the market. The contracts are flexible, the routing costs lower than those of our competitors, no training is required and the campaign preparation time is 2 or 3 times lower than that required on rival platforms.

Simplicity & Performance

The emailR email marketing solution has been designed with ease of use permanently in mind. In just a few clicks and with no prior training, it allows you to generate a campaign either for yourself or for your clients.

Its advanced functionality will be equal to the most demanding of requirements.

Precision & Integration

The emailR email marketing solution offers the most precise statistics.

What’s more, courtesy of in-depth integration with Google Analytics, you can analyse and measure, automatically and in real time, the behaviour on your site of your campaigns’ recipients.

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